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My #OneDay looked like this…..

2 thoughts on “My #OneDay looked like this…..”

  • Hi Jessica,

    I think you are great on the Technology show, so entertaining !! Keep up the good work. Jessica, the reason I am contacting you is I am late 40’s and have just returned to Dublin having lived overseas. I am in the process of starting up my own business on a small (ish) budget. I really need to do a crash course on Social Media to cover all Modules, from F.B, Blogging, Instagram, Tweeting, Google, Yelp, Optimising, Pineinterest, etc etc (all the aspects). I am willing to put in the investment as I think it is the future, but can you make an recommendations ? I would consider a one to one or Group Course.

    Many Thanks

    Yvonne Claire

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