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Guide to: Dropbox

If you have a smartphone and / or tablet, the app I recommend you download, before any other, is Dropbox. Many phones now prompt users to set up an account whilst setting up their new device, but many skip this process.

Setting up and using Dropbox gives the user many great benefits including: access to all files – anywhere in the world, from any device with connection to the internet and the all important back-up. This means should the phone get lost, broken or stolen the owner will still have all their files. 

What you need: internet access, an email address and five minutes of headspace.

Log onto and register. I recommend you do this from your computer.

If you are on a computer, the site will ask if you want to download Dropbox to your device – hit yes. Once downloaded, you can move files into the main folder and create sub folders.

Download Dropbox onto your phone / tablet for free on both Apple and Android. Log in with the details used above. Files should then appear.

2013-11-09 16.49.12

Go to settings within the Dropbox app and scroll to Camera Upload. Hit “turn on camera upload” and select “Upload using WiFi only”. This means every time you take a photo or number of photos they will automatically get synced up to your Dropbox account once you step into a WiFi zone.

2013-11-09 16.48.34

If you do no select “Upload using WiFi only” you may use a significant portion of your data usage and incur extra charges.

2013-11-09 16.50.53

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  • I would seriously recommend Google as an alternative to Dropbox – especially if you have an Android phone, but it all works very well from iPhones too. Photo backups are done automatically and storage is free for them (unlike Dropbox) also Google Drive integration allowing you to store all types of files and also it has the Google Drive Office suite for documents. Prices are way better than Dropbox as you get 15GB free and there is no client to install as it can all be viewed from any web browser. However you can install a client on your main PC / MAC to allow items to sync

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