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  • Hi Jessica, on a not so recent George Hook tech show you mentioned a app / website….. that could , based on your actual mobile phone and internet usage could show the best deals for 30 day contract. I checked it out a while back and it looked veey informative but am now at the end of my mobile phone contract and like to explore my options. If possible can you send me information on this

  • Hi Jessica , a few weeks back you recommended a kenwood mixer (I thought) on the right hook.

    Just wondered what model this was and if this was better than a Kitchen Aid mixer?

    Many thanks

  • Hi Jessica
    I am looking for a tablet, I had a surface, which was great, but it broke. I would like a replacement but something less expensive. I really just want something good for storing photos, surfing the net and general home use. I was looking online at a Samsung tab 10.1 and was wondering what you thought of them? I have a Samsung s5 and like how Samsung works. How do you rate them or would you recommend another tablet? My budget is about 300 – 400 euro.
    Many thanks

  • what happened to the technology spot I used to listen to it after we moved to Canada, I emailed George, but never got a response, the best short tech podcast ever
    ps are there any free vpns anymore to listen to UK and Ireland

  • I may have to buy a new smart phone (my teenage daughter may be taking my iPhone 6) but I don’t want to pay big bucks for a new phone. I see that the provider I am with sells the Huawei Y6 (prepay) and I have heard you rave about this brand on Newstalk. Is it similar to the iPhone- I am so used to the Apple layout.



  • Hi Jessica, I know you have been asked this a milllion times and even recently enough on the Pat Kenny show but I have a friend who comes to me with all her tech questions and I’m a pure Apple lady so this one was new for me. She wants to buy her two young boys tablets for Xmas but not wanting to spend Apple prices, I told her you (my go to tech person) would have the answer ?? If you had a minute I’d really appreciate a couple of suggestions I could send her on.
    Thanks so much, Pamela

  • Jessica,
    Can you please help us, well my Mam really.
    We have just moved house and my Mam has come to stay for an indefinite period due to ill health.
    Our issue is we don’t really watch TV and she does, she likes the BBC and C4 particularly.
    We have wireless WIFI with Virgin (about €60 a month).
    It would be preferable to fix her up without a further monthly payment. I don’t mind a one off expense.
    Hope you can help.

    Thanks in advance
    Kind regards

  • Hi Jess
    My sister runs a small creche. She is looking for a printer for two reasons-to print out pictures of the kids for parents and to print out activity sheets etc.
    The problem is she is in rural Ireland with no broadband or wiFi. Her laptop recently broke so we were wondering is there a printer out there that would be fit for the purposes she wants that she can print to directly via her smartphone (Galaxy 7) using usb? If not, can you recommend a cheap (she would be happy with reconditioned) laptop that we could get for her birthday that would work.
    Many thanks

  • Hi I am sure you have already reviewed fitbit’s for kids, i would like to get a durable one to link with a samsug tablet? could you recommend one – thanks michelle – saw fitbit in currys for €85

  • Hi Jess . Was listening to you on Pat Kenny Show. YOu mentioned about transferring photos in order to free up space on iPad . My iPad ic synced wiith my iPhone. Should I get an external hard drive ? I’m hoping to delete A lot of the photos.Its no problem on my iPhone which I got in March. HOwever I have a huge amount of photos going back to 2012 on my iPad which I can’t delete . I press select and tick the photos but the bin comes up a light grey so I can’t delete them.
    I love your contributions to Pats programme.
    Happy New Year

  • Hi Jess,
    Your advice on the Radio show is always so interesting and informative. Can you help ? I am looking for an Iphone App, that will allow me to monitor EXACTLY what my daughter is looking at, searching for on the internet. We have had some safety issues recently and we need to know exactly what she is looking up. I have searched for apps , but have only found ones that monitor the time location etc. Is there one that will doe this for me, preferably low or no cost. Thank you. I have an Iphone 7 and my daughter has an iphone 5(no SIM)

  • Hi Jess, I listen to you regularly on Newstalk and find what you have to say very helpful. We have a problem with the security package we have with Norton Security. It allows us to say how long we want our children to have access to their phone which we set for one hour. Unfortunately what seems to happen regularly is that when my son turns on his phone, it immediately tells him hes reached his time limit for the day. We know he has not reached it and we have no choice but to unlock it. I am not good with technology but my husband is very good and he has ‘live chated’ with Norton on several occasions but has got no where. We are very frustrated and we have a very angry teenager!! Please help… or suggest an alternative security company because Norton just does not do what its supposed to do. Please respond via email. Kind regards, Sue

  • Good afternoon Jess,

    I am trying to buy a OnePlus 6 128gb phone online but the Irish site is out of stock with no idea as to when stocks will be replenished. Which is the best alternative site to purchase from?
    I read there are some issues with contents of box from Please advise.

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Jess
    On a tech programme last summer you mentioned an electronic key finder. Can you give me the details again – would be a nice xmas gift. Thanks so much and every good wish

    Mary Buckley

  • Hi Jess, I’m looking for recommendations on what to buy in line of laptop/chrome book??
    She’s in junior cert and needs it a lot for projects research etc
    I will also be using it for general surfing and a small amount of work.
    I’ve been trying to figure out what’s most suitable & have been to a few tech shops & really just leave confused with one store basically contradicting what the previous store recommended?!?
    I would like to get one in next couple of weeks as desk top & my laptop are both running ridiculously slow with 1000s of ads running non stop. Laptop is 4 years and desk top way older.

    Please please help,


  • Hi Jess

    I’m looking for your recommendations for laptop/chrome book!?? My daughter is in Junior cert and needs to do few projects and research work.
    I will also use it for small amount of work, bit of surfing Facebook and few purchases,
    Can you please advise on what I should be looking at getting.
    Would like something that would last good few years???

  • Hi Jess
    Is it possible to get the Samsung gear watch lte version in Ireland and if so to I have to go to a particular network for it to work.

  • Hi Jess
    What laptop would you recommend for seventeen year old . He wants word for school otherwise just for usual use youtube etc
    Thanks for help

  • Hi Jess

    What tablet would you recommend for my 10 year old daughter? She just wants to play games and watch you tube. Budget is about €100. Live your contributions on Pat Kenny.


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