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5 thoughts on “CONTACT ME”

  • Hi Jessica, on a not so recent George Hook tech show you mentioned a app / website….. that could , based on your actual mobile phone and internet usage could show the best deals for 30 day contract. I checked it out a while back and it looked veey informative but am now at the end of my mobile phone contract and like to explore my options. If possible can you send me information on this

  • Hi Jessica , a few weeks back you recommended a kenwood mixer (I thought) on the right hook.

    Just wondered what model this was and if this was better than a Kitchen Aid mixer?

    Many thanks

  • Hi Jessica
    I am looking for a tablet, I had a surface, which was great, but it broke. I would like a replacement but something less expensive. I really just want something good for storing photos, surfing the net and general home use. I was looking online at a Samsung tab 10.1 and was wondering what you thought of them? I have a Samsung s5 and like how Samsung works. How do you rate them or would you recommend another tablet? My budget is about 300 – 400 euro.
    Many thanks

  • what happened to the technology spot I used to listen to it after we moved to Canada, I emailed George, but never got a response, the best short tech podcast ever
    ps are there any free vpns anymore to listen to UK and Ireland

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